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Professional speaker, nationally known intuitive counselor, mystery school teacher, evocator of spiritual abilities and transformational change, business consultant, workshop presenter.

Lynn has been leading journeys of transformation since Oct. 1981 to study ancient cultures, their sacred sites, mysteries and symbolism's. Besides the 18 groups she has already taken to Egypt, Lynn has also taken groups to Greece, Israel, Jordan, England, Belize, Guatemala, Bali Java, Indonesia.

The events of a near death experience and a "cross over" experience with her son, the youngest of eight children, during his journey of death, brought forward a spontaneous opening of paranormal abilities to her. This has changed her life direction and career.

Studying extensively with noted behavioral scientist Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Gay Luce and others, has lead her to be a research subject for studies of brain functioning and use of paranormal abilities. Lynn is an investigator for published authors of paranormal happenings. She has participated in scientific research on near death experiences and life beyond life and has been evaluated as a sensitive, trance channel, medium and transpersonal process healer.

Lynn was filmed working with the famous Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull and has been filmed for various documentaries in addition to her continuous appearances on national, regional, and local television and radio shows some of which are: Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Hour Magazine, Breakaway and NPR. Lynn is noted for teaching simple techniques which allow people to access, develop and expand their own capacities for spiritual, intuitive and creative experience along with the neurological brain reeducation processes that offer the individual healing mechanisms that lead to harmonious integration and healthiness of mind, body, and spirit.

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